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They all deserve a Chance.......

Although Rock's is primarily a training facility, we also have older adoptable dogs and sanctuary dogs that honestly ....this is their last stop!  


We have rescued many fine dogs that are looking for "forever" homes.  Many of these dogs have been surrendered here as a last stop for a variety of reasons or  just plain "dumped." Some are old and some just need the "right " person !   Not all of them may be perfect but combined experience between Frank & Dana, they will know exactly what type of home each dog will thrive in. 

To meet any of our adoptable dogs please call our office 262-662-4160 for an appointment.  We want to be sure Frank & Dana are available to personally discuss the dogs with you.

At any given time we have approximately 25-30 dogs that we are either  fostering, training or caring for in sanctuary with the hope that they will find forever homes.