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Who Says You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks...

What Happy Dog Owners Are Saying About Frank Allison, Dog Trainer

Kathy & Odin video testimonial .....

Erin & Steve Write.....

"As a new client, Frank has really given us something to invest in and stick with. We had done general obedience puppy training before coming to Frank, but did not receive nearly the same results. From the beginning, he has set expectations for not only Brooks, but also both of us as owners. This had lead to continued learning in every single interaction. While this training was started for our puppy, it has also been a great learning experience for us. We truly appreciate Frank's understanding of what each client is looking for and makes sure to work on specific "problem areas" whenever we need help. Currently we are utilizing Frank for his training expertise, as well as doggy daycare a few times per week. This has been a huge benefit for Brooks as he is able to continue socialization at a young age of 6 months while we are at work.We would absolutely trust Frank for future boarding as well, and plan to work with him on that should the need arise.

In the future we plan to continue beyond basic training into protection work as well. During out 2-hour session with Frank, we were able to handle one of his protection dogs and saw the extreme benefit of putting this into practice in our own dog's routine. It is amazing what Frank can teach and how effective it has been already in such a short period of time.

Thank you Frank for everything you've done for us!
Erin Eddy & Steve Kaatz" (Dec 2017)



Mark & Mary write....

"We cannot thank Frank enough for all that he did for our new rescue pup Oliver and for all the dogs that he helps! His expertise as a dog trainer/ behaviorist is outstanding! The difference in just one visit with Oliver's behavior was incredible! Our Oliver was having problems with aggression with other dogs and our daughters new puppy. Frank worked with us and our daughter going above and beyond to give us the confidence that we needed in how to train/handle the situation and have our dogs get along! :) It's incredible to watch Frank and how he just knows what to do for our dog and all the dogs that were at the group lesson. We will highly recommend him to anyone having any types of problems with their dog. Once again Frank, we can't thank you and your entire staff for all that you do!" Sincerely~Mary,Mark and Family Waukesha, Wi (Nov 2017)


Charlie P writes......

"My 10 month old German Shepard Sonny was a handful to walk! After one private lesson and one group lesson Sonny is a pleasure to walk and meet with other dogs properly. Frank and Dana have to teach you, the owner how to handle your dog. with quick results it takes work on the part of the owner and continued work but it's not like work when it is fun and simple. No micro managing just an effective system. I am looking forward to continued work and fun with Frank and company.Thank you Frank, Dana and the entire staff"  (June 2017)

Christine Gursky writes...
I have a 1 year old Weimaraner, Benny. True to his breed, Ben was very excitable and very strong. He recently began biting people, targeting children, and even bit the police officer who came to take a dog bite report.

I was fearful to have him around the house and the neighborhood because of his recent unpredictable and vicious attacks. Additionally, he just had no manners whatsoever.

Ben sat on the kitchen island as he pleased. He jumped on us when we walked in the house - all 65 pounds of muscle sometimes knocking us to the floor. He pulled on the leash to the point of having us on the ground and dragging us quite a distance.

I was sad feeling I couldn't trust my dog and couldn't protect my children from him.

Frank met me late on a Friday night after a sobbing, desperate phone call pleading for help. I noticed an immediate change in demeanor the first 5 minutes he interacted with Benny. Thinking how shocked I was in 5 minutes, I was hopeful for the next 10 days.

Frank kept Benny and worked him full-time for almost two weeks. The dog he returned to me made my jaw drop.

Benny is polite. He walks calmly at my side on a leash. He sits, lies down, and understands commands. He does not jump, barely barks, and is a pleasure to have in the house.

I never believed Benny could be this dog. I hoped to be reassured he was not vicious, but Frank did so much more above and beyond to get Benny to be the dog I needed him to be.

Throughout the process, Frank was always there to take my calls and update me on Ben's progress. He taught my daughters and I how to communicate properly and how to let Ben know what we expected of him.

I am forever grateful. Frank, you saved our dog and our family from tremendous heartbreak. We look forward to continuing to learn from you! May2015

Deanna Montgomery-Theiss writes...
Frank has been a life saver for our little Jake who is a Scotish Border Collie.When he was only 3 months old we noticed he had some resource guarding issues which developed into more aggression - our vet had put him on doggy downers which made him spooky & it wasn't until the groomer told us about Frank - he saved our lives as well as Jake's. His first meeting with Jake was remarkable - Jake will be 5 this April thanks to Frank [the breeder told us to put him down] So we cannot say enough about what a great job that Frank does for the dogs as well as Dana who runs the Yellow Brick Road Sancuary. God bless these wonderful people - Candee too!! Sincerely,
Jerry - Deanna - Jake from Brookfield, WI

Derrik & Dawn Dushesneau writes...
"We would like to thank you for all of the personal attention that you have given to us and our dog. You have given us several suggestions for problems that we had with her and everything you suggested has been effective." - Derrik & Dawn Dushesneau - McFarland, WI

Michale & Nancy Iselin writes...
"Frank Allison is a wonderful trainer and we don't know what we'd do without him. Frank is the main reason for Pepper being as well behaved as he is. He puts a lot of love into his training. Frank is not only Pepper's trainer, but a true friend also." - Michale & Nancy Iselin

Joe Peterson writes...
"I am the owner of a nine-month-old Basset Hound named Cletus. Cletus is a cute, lovable dog with an aggression problem. He has bitten my wife three times and me twice.

With each bite my wife and I agreed aggression cannot be tolerated and the risk of owning a biting dog it too great.

Our friends highly recommended a man named Frank Allison. We decided to talk to Frank because we knew the alternative would be to take him to the humane society (and everyone knows what happens from there).

We told Frank if we were unable to control Cletus, we would have him euthanized. Frank went to the shelf and pulled out a tiny pinch collar and put it on Cletus and was able to make significant progress in only 15 minutes." - Joe Peterson - Madison, WI

Linda Osenga writes...
"I own a three-year-old Akita, Georgie, whose aggression was becoming considerably worse as she grew older. It was to the point where we could not allow Georgie near children, strangers, other animals and even some people she has known for her entire life for fear that she may bite. Her biting was not severe but unpredictable. It was apparent she needed professional help.

As soon as Frank interacted with Georgie, I could tell his approach was unique. The previous trainer was scared of Georgie and would not handle her.

Within a couple of minutes he analyzed her condition as fear (and yes, she did try to bite him). Frank led Georgie into the kennel with the other dogs and began teaching her how to socialize.

I cannot begin to effectively explain the feeling of hope I had as I drove home that day. I am so grateful to Frank for his hard work and dedication. It's apparent he loves what he does and it shows in his work and the results he provides." - Linda Osenga - Madison, WI

Cindy Leckwee writes...
"My name is Cindy Leckwee. We have four cats, 4 dogs, 2 piranas and always lots of children at our house. Of the four dogs, we have three because they were burned or beaten or tormented by misbehaved children. We received Bear, a two year old Black Lab, 3-4 months ago. He had bitten two children and was spending 10 days at the Vet Clinic, then he was to be put to sleep.

The previous owners called us as we have Bear's sister, Lucky. So we took Bear. He was hyper, growled at our 16 year old daughter, started dog fights with our dogs and the policeman's dog next door. Something had to be done. We were referred to Frank Allison's obedience class.

Frank is very careful. Our 16 year-old daughter started working with Bear. Since he started with Frank, Bear has not been in the least bit aggressive. He is also non-aggressive towards our dogs or cats. He has the best spirit - always wagging his tail - a very loving dog.

Frank says there is to be no yelling, hitting or raising of voices to dogs. I definitely recommend Frank to friends who need to train their dogs." - Cindy Leckwee - Waunakee, WI

Ann Capadona writes...
Dear Mr. Frank Allison - I am writing in regards to my dog Mickey. He is a seven year-old Yorkshire Terrier and has never had any formal training. After just one session of your method in combination with the pinch collar, he is like a different dog.

I didn't think it was possible to stop his barking at anything and everything that moved but he is so mellow now he is a joy to have around.

He was not a social animal because he would never behave around other animals. His constant and relentless harassment of other dogs always lead him to getting hurt.

I cannot thank you enough for all the help. I only wish we would've known about you years before all the vet bills and painful surgeries my poor Mickey had to endure because of his bad behavior." Ann Capadona - Madison, WI

Kim Horton writes...
"We met with Frank Allison a couple of times after the purchase of our Labrador Retriever puppy. Frank has a wonderful approach to dogs and kids! We have been to numerous other dog training classes with another dog of ours and Frank's techniques, by far, have been the most helpful. In fact, when we attended a puppy socialization class in one of the Madison (WI) dog training clubs, I felt we seriously digressed in training because we were not able to restrain or correct our pup in any way. The dog knew she was being allowed to be in charge. Simply put, I would recommend Frank Allison to anyone who wants to learn how to effectively train their dog, from puppy to adulthood." - Kim Horton - Stoughton, WI

Spence McLaughlin writes...
"I have been training my dogs with Frank for about one year. He has taught me a number of things about dogs and also shows much patience while working with the handlers and the dogs. My dog was kennel-blind and lacked the confidence it needed to be a good protection dog. Frank was able to give him confidence and train him to be a great working dog. Frank has taught me how to gain control of situations that may occur in my home or out in the street. My dogs and I have learned a lot from Frank Allison and I strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great dog trainer." - Spence McLaughlin - Moore, OK

Sue Drewitz writes...
"I can't say enough about Frank as a trainer, especially with German shepherds and other dogs that present problems that many other trainers find difficult to handle. The dogs really seem to enjoy the classes and Frank keeps them varied and interesting." - Sue Drewitz - German Shepherd Rescue Volunteer

Carrie, Carol & Emily Kraemer writes...
"Frank - You have a true gift with dogs - you not only talk to them, you commune with them, You are kind, patient, gentle, yet firm -- one of the most decent people I've met. The world needs more like you."
Carrie, Carol & Emily Kraemer - Mukwonago, WI

Suzanne Brochu Wendt writes...
"I have worked with an outstanding behaviorilist who does wonders with dogs that have aggression problems. His name is Frank Allison." - Suzanne Brochu Wendt - KYSO Bedlington Terriers & Miniature Poodles

Jason & Rachel Kessler writes...
"Frank - Thanks so much for helping us with our pug and pekingese. We have noticed a big change in all of us. We are grateful to all you have taught us." - Jason & Rachel Kessler

Cayla Gafner & Lika writes...
"The Humane Society gave me Frank's name and number when I needed help with Lika and Lakota. They fought all the time. I could not keep them together for a minute.
Since the first 'Allison method' session, they have not fought since. And now, I'm using The Allison Method to start my own dog training service. - Cayla Gafner & Lika -- Janesville, WI

Chris Richards & Kiara writes...
"Kiara was a rescue dog -- she was sent to rescue because she was very dog aggressive. On Christmas Day, she snuck out of the house, ran across the street and bit a neighbor's dog -- and then snuck back in the house. When the police arrived I was served with a ticket and was told I needed to pay the fine and $700 in emergency vet bills (on Christmas Day -- not cheap). The city was demanding that we put her down or get her trained. Another trainer refused me and told me to call Frank. Without The Allison Method of Dog Training, she'd be gone. We're now able to take Kiara to the dog park unleashed. She's as good as gold now." - Chris Richards & Kiara -- Beloit, WI

Bev Britton & Timber writes...
"I was having problems with an 8-month-old German Shepherd puppy which I could not control around new people or dogs. Our family has had eight dogs and this is the first one I have had any problems controlling using basic methods. It was embarrassing to admit I had no clue how to proceed.

I was given Frank's name by a traditional trainer who told me Frank worked with problem dogs.
My dog and I have benefited tremendously from our association with Frank Allison. Bev Britton & Timber - Roscoe, IL

Sharon Schmidt writes...
"We got Samson as a puppy. When he was about one-and-a-half, we could tell he had real problems with other people and other dogs. When he bit my folks, we knew we had to do something.

"We tried a couple other trainers and they all told us Samson was vicious, could not be helped and needed to be put down. Those trainers were afraid to even touch Samson.

"It was then I saw Frank's sign on the road. I took Samson in muzzled. Frank had the muzzle off in five minutes. The first session was amazing. And we've been taking Samson to work with Frank ever since.

"And now Samson is a Grand Champion in UKC, has all Rally Titles in AKC, has his Companion Titles in UKC & AKC and his BH in Schutzhund. He's a great dog who was given one more chance -- by Frank Allison.

"How good is Samson now? Last week he walked in a parade. That could've never happened prior to meeting Frank." Sharon Schmidt - Janesville, WI

Tabo and Balto write...
"I have two dogs, Tabo and Balto. They're both wonderful dogs. I wanted to get them into advanced training. And after meeting Frank at Dogfest, and then visiting a class, I was sold on The Allison Method. During his live sessions, I am so impressed at the close interaction the dogs have with each other. That's what sold me. I take both Balto and Tabo with me on canoe excursions in the Boundary Waters in Minnesota. You better believe I need well trained and obedient dogs. They are!" Ed Luehrmann & Tabo -- Milton, WI

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